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buying your house for more

Cash offer within hours

After we inspect your home and check all of the paperwork, we offer you a cash offer so you can transition quickly. Our company wants to invest in your home with you in mind first, not just the house.

higher offer than average

Most other investors are trying to buy your home and sell it to a contractor to flip the home, often undercutting what you should get so they can earn a profit on your current house just due to having bigger pockets. We decided to cut out the middle man and pay you the full potential amount. 



any house condition

You may know us as “Busted Cribs,” our online show. That means we’re OK with however good or bad the home is. In fact, we take pride in how well we can turn a “busted” house into a lovely home again.


Who we are…

We’re Justin & Stephanie Jones

It’s a deep passion of ours to turn a neglected house into a beautiful home again. But deeper than that, we want to provide more than the normal for the owner of the home.

We buy  houses

With a Better Offer

Our family is living proof how God takes what is broken and restores things to something beautiful again, all for his glory.  With the gift of Justin’s extensive years as a General Contractor and Stephanie’s long career as an artist and creative spirit, Justin and Stephanie are on a mission to find houses that can no longer be marketed as-is and restore them into a home that another family can love and enjoy. 

Unlike many other renovation companies, we are also the investors of our homes. Normally we’re having to purchase homes from an investor who previously purchased that house with a lower cash offer. It’s our mission and goal to cut out that investor so that you walk away with more money rather than us save that money. More than our desire to make the home beautiful again, we want to take care of you. 


(Oh, and we made a show about it)

We love our job and wanted to share the love with everyone! We also want to provide transparency of our process in renovating our homes so you know exactly what you’re either selling or buying from us. We’re a wacky couple that has fun doing what we do – we’d love for you to watch and become a fan!

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