Baby Blue

About this project

Baby Blue began as a dated, two-bedroom one-bathroom home before being transformed into a beautiful and cozy three-bedroom, two-bathroom home fit and ready for a family. Bright and modern, Baby Blue went from a dark and cramped space to an open and inviting home.


Though we’ve seen much worse exteriors on our house-hunting adventures, it was clear that Baby Blue would need ample updating to give it curb appeal. The biggest change in particular is the new roofing and quaint garden that adorns the front of the house.



Living Room

Initially closed off and uninviting, the living room was transformed into a welcoming and cozy space to kick-back and relax in.


Baby Blue’s kitchen began as a dark and cold space with outdated appliances and no personality. With a lot of love and patience, we were able to create a kitchen featuring spacious cupboards and ample seating room. We added additional flair and a modern touch with dark lower cabinets and white upper cupboards.

Master Suite

Featuring newly installed windows, the master suite also includes a large and bright bathroom that looks out over the property’s new pool area. The ensuite includes a window in the shower area to allow additional light to filter in and open the space.

Bedrooms And MOre

Like many of the other elements in the home, the bathrooms and bedrooms were kept bright and airy to allow the spaces to feel bigger, fresher, and more inviting.