Beautiful Bade

About this project

Initially, Bade House wasn’t even a house at all! Bade House began as an older garage that we believed would make the perfect apartment; and we were right! With some careful planning and unique layout ideas, we were able to transform this small garage into the perfect cozy apartment or Air BNB residence. 


Initially a garage, Bade House needed quite a bit of revamping to turn it into the cozy apartment it is today. The old garage door was removed and new siding was added, breathing new life into this old building. It’s now ready and welcoming for guests!



Living Room

When you enter the Bade House you are immediately greeted by spacious yet cozy living room area. Newly added windows allow natural light to filter in and warm the space, while the nearby kitchen gives adds to the open concept of the apartment.


The Bade House kitchen features sparkling new appliances and an over-the-range microwave that helps save counter space, a valuable asset in any apartment or smaller kitchen space. White cupboards and countertops help brighten the entire room and gives the kitchen a crisp, clean, and sleek look.

Master Suite

The spacious and comfortable master suite leads into the additional ensuite bathroom. The ensuite bathroom includes a a large horizontal window with glass paneling to keep the space open and fresh, alongside a large soaking tub for added comfort and unique appeal.