Blue Haus

About this project

Blue Haus was a secret 45-day flip project located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Although it wasn’t “busted” like many of our other properties, it did require some remodeling and flair to make it stand out. 


Originally plain and unremarkable, the Blue Haus’ exterior was completely transformed with a deeper, richer blue and yellow door to pull everything together and add personality. The small garden out front and wooden accents add an additional homey appeal.



Living Room

The Blue Haus living room is nestled at the front of the home. Cozy and warm, this living room is the perfect place to sit down and kick back with a good book.


The absolute heart of this home, the Blue Haus kitchen features white upper cupboards and dark blue lower cabinets drawn together with brushed gold handles for a unique modern look. The combination allows the kitchen to remain open and spacious while simultaneously warm and welcoming. Additionally, the breezeway features a unique and cheerful mural.

Master Suite

Blue Haus’ master suite is tucked away further back in the home to allow for added privacy. The ensuite bathroom uses the same countertops from the kitchen area to create flow and continuity through the home.

Bedrooms And MOre

The rest of the home features some of our most creative ideas yet! Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a unique mural which sets the tone for the entire home. The dining room displays a warm cool blue ceiling that helps each room flow easily into the next and adds a totally unique touch.