About this project

Gladys was initially a dilapidated and cramped junkie house located in Dunedin, Florida. After weeks of renovation and loving touches, this home was completely transformed into a bright and open concept home fit for a family.


Run down and completely trashed, the exterior of the home required a lot of work and finishing touches to breathe life into the property once again. The yard was cleaned, garbage was removed, and a garden was planted to draw attention to the outside of the home and offer curb appeal.



Living Room

Originally cramped, dark, and damp, the living room has been transformed into a comfortable, cozy space that leads directly to the open kitchen, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day or to just kick back.


Previous to renovation, the Gladys house kitchen was unsafe, unclean, and unusable. Now the Gladys house kitchen features brand new cupboards, appliances, and a beautiful island in the center featuring a large sink and pop-up power outlet to save space. Cupboards with glass windows allow you to put your favorite fancy dishes or cookbooks on display.

Master Suite

Once dark and unremarkable, the master suite now features beautiful tall ceilings alongside a bright and open bathroom.

Bedrooms And MOre

The additional rooms in Gladys feature similar colors displayed throughout the rest of the home allowing the look to be drawn together and create flow and continuity alongside unique tiling to bring out the true character of the home.