Lit House

About this project

Nestled in St. Petersburg, Florida, the LIT House initially began as a completely run-down and unlivable house due to the amount of intensive damage and overgrowth it had sustained over years of isolation. After 100 days of renovation, the LIT House is completely unrecognizable and features large windows alongside beautiful open, modernized spaces.


Originally, LIT House boasted a completely overgrown property that made seeing the house difficult. The exterior of the home itself had sustained major damage such as rotting wood, broken entranceways, and cracked windows. Though many would consider demolishing the property, our goal was to completely renovate and breathe new life into this rickety old house.



Living Room

Completely unusable and falling apart, the living room now features brand new window, allowing natural light to filter in and create a soothing, comfortable place to relax near the kitchen.


Displaying open wooden shelving and potted plants, this home truly features a genuine and fresh farmhouse kitchen! Previously, this home’s kitchen was completely unsafe and crumbling room before being transformed into a welcoming, spacious area ready to prepare meals for the whole family.

Master Suite

The once unusable garage was transformed into a glorious master suite with large windows, complete with a walk-in curbless shower and beautiful brushed metal faucets.

Bedrooms And MOre

The LIT House boasts a variety of custom features such as unique cabinetry and tiling to create a more personalized look and homey feel. The home itself displays a variety of natural and light colors to enhance the size of the space.